Taquitos Band presents our new EP “Pico de Gallo”

  • California Dreaming Bruce Gresham: Guitar + Dan Mangus: Vocals, Shaker + Mary Dukas: Vocals, Keyboard Flute
  • White Rabbit  Mary Dukas: Vocals + Bruce Gresham: Lead Guitar + Dan Mangus: Rhythm Guitar
  • Landslide  Mary Dukas: Vocals + Dan Mangus: Guitar, Backup Vocals + Bruce Gresham: Guitar
  • Buckets of Rain  Bruce Gresham: Guitars + Dan Mangus: Vocals + Mary Dukas: Backup Vocals
  • Blue Bayou Mary Dukas: Vocals, Keyboards + Dan Mangus: Guitar + Bruce Gresham: Guiro
  • Somebody’s Baby  Dan Mangus: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars + Mary Dukas: Piano, Backup Vocals + Bruce Gresham: Cajon 
  • Walk on the Wild Side Bruce Gresham: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar + Mary Dukas: Backup Vocals, Keyboard Sax, Chimes + Dan Mangus: Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals
Dan Mangus, Mary Dukas and Bruce Gresham
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Spragueland Recording Sessions Feb and March 2024

The Taquitos ventured to Spragueland, the recording studio owned and engineered by world-class musician, Peter Sprague. His studio and expertise allowed us to capture our sound in an exciting new way. We are proud to share the results with you.

Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Peter Sprague at SpragueLand Studios 


Peter Sprague

BONUS (Behind the Scenes Video. https://youtu.be/Vjp4zt_7eew?si=osSTRTfU80Nfn1VL )

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