The Taquitos bring vocal harmonies and new energy to 60’s/70’s rock covers. 

Listen to Pico de Gallo …our latest collection of Songs. “Pico de Gallo” is a classic Mexican Salsa.
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Spragueland Recording Sessions Feb and March 2024

The Taquitos ventured to Spragueland, the recording studio owned and engineered by world-class musician, Peter Sprague. His studio and expertise allowed us to capture our sound in an exciting new way. We are proud to share the results with you.

  • California Dreaming Bruce Gresham: Guitar + Dan Mangus: Vocals, Shaker + Mary Dukas: Vocals, Keyboard Flute
  • White Rabbit  Mary Dukas: Vocals + Bruce Gresham: Lead Guitar + Dan Mangus: Rhythm Guitar
  • Landslide  Mary Dukas: Lead Vocals + Dan Mangus: Guitar, Backup Vocals + Bruce Gresham: Guitar
  • Blue Bayou Mary Dukas: Vocals, Keyboards + Dan Mangus: Guitar + Bruce Gresham: Guiro
  • Buckets of Rain  Bruce Gresham: Guitars + Dan Mangus: Lead Vocals + Mary Dukas: Backup Vocals
  • Somebody’s Baby  Dan Mangus: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars + Mary Dukas: Piano, Backup Vocals + Bruce Gresham: Cajon 
  • Walk on the Wild Side Bruce Gresham: Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar + Mary Dukas: Backup Vocals, Keyboard Sax, Chimes + Dan Mangus: Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals

Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Peter Sprague at SpragueLand Studios

Peter Sprague

Photographers: Dave Grundies, Donna Mangus and Stefanie Sprague

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